no seder plate? No problem!

We say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it - it being your Seder Plate, of course. A Seder Plate commonly showcases the items used and discussed throughout the evening - an egg, parsley, horseradish, charoset, a lamb shank bone, and often another kind of green vegetable - often on a large circular platter. But if you’re stuck without this traditional piece of Judaica, why not skip it and opt for a trendy take on the centerpiece instead?

line it up

Instead of grouping all items together on a platter, you could put one item each in a small glass and line them up down the center of your table, perhaps even on top of craft or chalkboard paper so you can write what each item is next to it. This way, you’re spreading the items out amongst your guests and providing topics of conversation all up and down your table.

Design Megillah

Design Megillah

make it personal

Create a mini-Seder Plate on each guest’s plate so every person has the contents on his/her individual place setting. A sprig of parsley, a spoonful of charoset, a dollop of horseradish, a hard boiled egg - you get the idea.


print it out

Not interested in purchasing all of the items needed for a traditional Seder Plate? Print one here (or one for each of your guests) and you’re covered!