What is #friendseder™?

A way of life...but seriously. We were inspired by #Friendsgiving as a concept, and wanted to help provide resources and excitement around people hosting Passover experiences with their friends, as many head home to their families for the holiday. #friendseder™ is all about empowering YOU to be inspired by Passover and feel a part of something larger than just your own dinner/hosting opportunity. We want #friendseder™ hosts and participants to find new energy and ideas around Passover and be excited about this holiday and the meshing of old and new traditions. Think new-age Passover Seder with your peeps, with activities, discussion prompts, and more!

To have folks all over the world doing this and posting to social about it using a shared hashtag is simply freakin' cool.

Does my #friendseder™ have to take place during Passover?

Nope! We want you to feel free to gather with your framily (friends that have become like family) at any time during the month of April to celebrate together!

Does it matter which friends I invite? Do they need to be Jewish?

Ideally invite the friends who aren't jerks (but even the traditional Passover Seder guide-book, known as the Haggadah, acknowledges that there are some "wicked" children among us)! The idea is to share the holiday with your friends - whoever they may be! If they're your friend, they belong at your table to share in the awesomeness of your #friendseder™.

Does it matter what food I serve at my #friendseder™?

There are traditional dietary restrictions associated with Passover (refraining from bread products for example), but part of the beauty of hosting anytime during the month of April is that if you choose dates outside of the holiday (which in 2019 falls on April 19 through 27), there's no need to worry about keeping the holiday-specific food rules. If you host during the holiday itself, you'll want to make sure to check in with your guests as to their dietary practices to make sure everyone has something they can happily eat. For great Passover friendly options and some delicious takes on traditional Seder foods, check our Resources section here!

I've never hosted anything, and I'm nervous. What kind of support will #friendseder™ offer me?

From a custom-designed guide-book, to recipe suggestions, to the ability to call and speak with someone one-on-one, to "how-to" webinars, we've got you covered! We have also partnered with a ton of other great organizations to share the amazing resources they have about this holiday as well. Check out our Resources section for those!

Q: webinars? tell me more!

#friendseder™ will be hosting two live “how-to” webinars to walk you through the whole process of hosting a #friendseder™, with a chance to ask your questions (and have them answered) live during the session. And yes, these webinars will be recorded and posted if you can’t make the initial times.

Mark your calendars for the first webinar on Tuesday, April 2, noon - 1pm (EST). Access the meeting here, or by dialing (646) 558-8656 with Meeting ID: 2469783318#

In order to most effectively prepare, we ask that you submit any questions you may have for the Q&A using the form available here, although the form will be open throughout the webinar.

Q: my question wasn’t listed. Help!

Not to worry. Please email us at dan@friendseder.com and we will either reply via email or give you a call!